I shoot for a few local magazines from time to time, but never get around to getting my hands on any copies. Actually, I still have a few commercials I acted in that I have not gotten my hands on! True story.

Here are a few stories I’ve worked on in the past.

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Beverly Hills, Private Residence Wedding: Valerie & Chris

Val and Chris were relaxed when I photographed their engagement session the night before the wedding at Santa Monica Pier. Their laid back elegance then brought a realness and beauty to the wedding day that makes this one of my favorite weddings ever.

Held at a private residence, the 16 guests enjoyed a most intimate ceremony before dinner. The table was set simply with clean lines. The surroundings were peacefull and the air was filled with love. Chris was happy and beaming, Val was perfection and glowing. Together they were stunning!

BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (2)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (3)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (9)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (10)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (12)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (15)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (14)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (16)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (17)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (18)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (20)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (21)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (22)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (25)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (24)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (27)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (28)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (29)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (31)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (33)BeverlyHillsPrivateResidenceWedding (34)

Carats & Cake Feature

It’s such an honor to be featured with other amazing wedding photographers on this site. Thank you again to everyone that made this beautiful day happen!

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Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0043Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0044Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0057

10 Tips for a Long Lasting Marriage

Lorraine & Ron

Advice from 48 Years of Marriage

Advice flows freely in this world and its hard to know who to listen to. There are many people giving advice on topics that they’ve never actually experienced, or worse they make up things that they THINK should work. I wanted to give some advice to new couples beginning their journey, but, well, I’ve not had many years of wedded bliss. Couples who have spent decades at each others side are hard to come by these days.

I thought about who I knew who had a long-term marriage, over 20 years. It’s a short list.  I asked the first couple who came to mind,  my parents! Married for close to 50 years, my mom gave these tips for keeping it together.  They are deceptively simple. I’ll have to get my dad’s input next time!

Listen, hear and take them to heart. These are her words of wisdom for new couples starting out.


Here are 10 things that I personally have learned that hold your marriage intact.

1. Be true to your vows. Once you’re married, you do not cheat. Yes, flirting is cheating! No way, period.

2. Go to church together. Those who pray together stay together. I do believe this. All our   friends who attend church together, are in fact together today. 

2. Trust. You must trust your spouse and earn their trust. 

3. Work together for your family, investments, friends, and future. Put your family first.

4. Encourage each other.

5. Be the first to apologize, after all, it’s either you or him, make it you.

6. Write love letters to each other, and send them. Leave notes in lunches, and special I    love you’s hidden around. Make a date night out, if you have kids, hire a sitter.  Make    your spouse feel special, a special dinner, candles, make efforts to keep it alive.

7. Make your spouse feel special, a special dinner, candles, make efforts to keep it alive.

8. Find an activity to do together. Example: tennis, boating, swimming, hiking, yoga.

9. Read the same book and then talk about it. Have your own private book club.

10. Forgive. You must forgive almost daily. Never go to bed angry, NEVER! Remember what’s important. When you get angry, give yourself sometime, talk and FORGIVE.

OH! And one more thing….

11. Never, never, never have a loaded gun in the house!!!!

~Lorraine Anderson, married 48 years and holding


Thanks mom! All good advice, especially that extra one! Haha!


The Viceroy Santa Monica Wedding : Claire & Robin

I met Claire & Robin at their engagement session. Meeting a couple for the first time and going right into a romantic shoot can certainly raise a nerve or two for all beings involved, but it was easy for us. We browsed the Walt Disney Concert Hall,  dodging other couples and photographers and went on a fountain hunt right at sunset. Walking in heels can be rough on pavement so I even lent Claire my sandals. I mean really, how many shoots do you hear of where the newly engaged Miss is wearing the photographers shoes?!?! We all just hit it off.

As we walked Claire told me their love story….

“We met at a friend’s wedding in Aruba.  He was friends with the groom and I worked with the bride.  He impressed me with some horrible dancing, decent magic tricks and a paper rose made out of a bar napkin hours before catching his flight back to Dallas. 

We had our first date the following weekend back in Dallas, a picnic at Shakespeare in the Park,  a few days before Robin was leaving for a 3 month trip to Europe.  The date didn’t end with a goodbye kiss, but Robin asked for a second date in Barcelona.

 I decided to take a chance and met him there 6 weeks later.   He returned from Europe on September 16 and drove straight over from the airport. We have been inseparable ever since.”

On their 3rd anniversary of being by each others side through thick and thin, they decided to make it official and tie the knot. Being that they love to travel and whenever they come to LA they stay at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, it just seemed like the perfect spot, and it was!

The Viceroy Hotel is chic, and elegant with a whimsical undertone. Tessa Lyn Events came on as Claire and Robin’s wedding Planner and designed their perfect day with such beauty and simplicity that even the Viceroy staff was enchanted! It was a most elegant event they had seen there and not a few times I heard them say “THIS is what we are talking about!”!

Surrounded by a close group of friends, who joked that they “made the cut”, and flew in from all over the globe, Claire & Robin laughed, cried, kissed, danced, ate cake and got married.

Congratulations to the both of you! Mr. & Mrs. Mahan.

You are a beautiful model of love for the rest of us to follow!

Claire is the the epitome of sophistication in the gown.2017_9_16_Claire&Robin-0510Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0050Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0035Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0049Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0047Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0043Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0040Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0036Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0041Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0064Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0059Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0063Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0086Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0045Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0054Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0051Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0052Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0053Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0082Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0085Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0081Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0073Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0066Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0083Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0069Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0067Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0077Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0076Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0075Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0055Kristin Anderson Photography_weddings_0057Thank you to the amazing team that made their wedding a night to remember…

Planner:  Tessa Lyn 

Venue: The Viceroy Hotel

Dress: Eddy K Bridal

Shoes: Valentino

Beauty:  Madisen Bocenda

Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop 

DJ:  DJ Skemmadox   

Guitarist: Dan Sistos 

Flowers: Bended Knee 

Officiant: Rev. Barbara Laughray 

Rentals: Chiavari Chair Rentals



Orange Grove, Southern California Backyard Wedding : Isabel & Terry

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Isabel and Terry finally got married, in an orange grove. It was clear theirs was a love that had been time tested as images that spanned decades hung around the yard. The sun was golden, birds were singing and smiles and love were everywhere.  Here is their story as told by Isabel.

“Every love story is sweet, but ours is my favorite……….

Terry and I first met in spring of 1978. At the time we were “base kids” living in Wire Mountain III, in Oceanside, California.  There on the South Mesa baseball fields, Terry and I would first cross paths.   He was 15 years old and I was 13. He was the star baseball player and I??? Well……I was the benchwarmer. Growing up in the same neighborhood, hanging out with the same group of kids, we became friends.  For a time, we walked home together after school.  Often goofing around and making each other laugh, Terry remembers us giving each other piggy back rides.  During this time, I developed a secret crush on my blue eyed friend and would often pray to Jesus and ask him to let Terry Hedrick ‘love’ me.  

Terry and I had one date in high school.  The fall Sadie Hawkins dance in 1980.  While memories of that night have faded over the years, we both clearly remember one thing. At the end of the evening he walked me to my front door and there, on the porch of 110 Monserrate Street he kissed me!!!! I wish I could say that was the beginning for us, but it was not to be, just yet.  As life often does, we went in different directions and landed on separate paths.   But the memories of each other and our special friendship would remain close to our hearts.  Over the next three decades, Terry and I would bump into each other.  Each time, there was always something there.  For both of us.  A feeling.  Something special. Something hard to explain.

Then with the advent of Facebook, came a new avenue for communication between us.  Terry later shared with me that his first Facebook friend request was sent to me.  Coincidence?  Still, it would be years before he and I would reconnect.  Then on December 31, 2014 he saw my name on the invite list for a New Year’s Eve party and private messaged me on Facebook.  And THAT is when it began……AGAIN.    

Our renewed friendship took off from the first hello.  We started texting and talking on the phone every day.  I remember one of our very first phone conversations lasted eight continuous hours.  Since I lived in Simi Valley and Terry still lived in Oceanside seeing each other in person was limited to my infrequent trips to Oceanside to visit friends and family.  While still hanging out in the “friend zone”, we started spending more and more time together.  It was on one of my visits to Oceanside, nine months after that spontaneous FB message and 36 years after that night on my front porch, he kissed me again!!!! 

Dating Terry has been one adventure after another.  It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with him.  While I am pretty sure that I fell first, he will argue that he said “it” first.  Which is true.  As we grew closer, we started having conversations about our future.  One night Terry asked me, “Where do you see this going”?  It was then that I scribbled on a napkin, Isabel Hedrick.

I am often asked about how Terry proposed marriage.  Well the truth is…….he didn’t.  In fact, our decision to get married occurred over several discussions. He didn’t ask, I didn’t accept –but together we agreed that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and we wanted the rest of our lives to start now.  So this past Christmas, Terry shared our intentions with my sons and showed them the engagement ring that I was anxious to wear.   Shortly thereafter wedding plans ensued.  And that is how it happened.  Today, Terry and I enjoy spending time with each other and planning our celebration.  Over these past years he and I have racked up thousands of miles on our cars, driving the 130 mile distance between door to door each weekend.  You know you are in LOVE when you’re willing to get on the 405 freeway at 5:00 p.m. on a Friday evening!!!!  We are so excited to start our new lives together as husband and wife.  And even exciting is the prospect of sharing the beginning of our new lives with those we love the most. 

While Jesus may not have responded in my desired time frame, finally my prayers have been answered.” ~ Isabel

sadie hawkins.jpg

Here’s to your Happily ever After!



Nothing is quite as surreal as watching real transformation before your very eyes. Nature is everything. Fascinating. Beautiful. Unreal. Science, but not fiction. Beyond amazing. Powerful. Pure creation. Truly stunning.

One of my favorite subjects to make images of. Mother nature, you rule!

We have a love for these little caterpillars who fight to become butterflies. They fight all sorts of other critters who want to make them hosts for their own eggs. So we create a “safe” environment in our kitchen! Our kitchen table is taken over right now with 7 caterpillars who are very, very hungry! This butterfly is the first to transform, the others will be getting ready to form their chrysalis in a few days. Then over the course of a few weeks, will liquefy and re-structure as a butterfly. SAY WHAAA?!?!

It’s real people. Nature is awesome.


This stage always makes me wonder in amazement at how there can be specks of gold on this creature’s case. Like gold leaf. 2017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-5275

I was so excited to finally possibly get to see the emergence, but I walked away for a minute. 2017_9_14_Butterfly-5953

When I came back… I missed it yet again!!! Next time I won’t even blink.


Over the next 10- 15 minutes, the butterfly’s wings filled and grew as she/he hung there on the empty clear chrysalis. You could see the expansion happening right before your eyes. So cool. 2017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-60072017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-60392017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-60542017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-60842017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-6089The wings are made of what almost looks like pixels of colored feathers. 2017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-61042017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-61062017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-6123

Ready for take off. Butterfly was gently walked to the garden and immediately began to sip the milkweed flowers 🙂

Bon Voyage Butterfly!! 2017_9_12_Butterfly&Wood-6130

UPDATE!!! This morning, 9/16 after getting a new plant for the remaining 6 caterpillars, two more are read to transform!


3 Essentials for A Beautiful Wedding Experience

Good morning!

I have thrown, over the years, some amazing parties. Some had 300 people, some had 4. I threw a weekly dinner party for 10. A drop in champagne and strawberry party on the regular, just so I could show off my fancy shoes.  Some parties were off the charts amazing and some were backyard fabulous but whichever way you lean you can apply these three things to your wedding planning!

1. Make it personal

One couple I know used their Grandmother’s old family recipe handmade chocolates that for their wedding favors. One bride handed over her mother’s super amazing carrot cake recipe to the cake maker, how great is that! If you really don’t even like cake (who doesn’t like cake?!?!) skip the cake all together and have a gelato bar. The word really is your oyster and the more personal you make it the more memorable it will be.

I fully believe in the energy of objects and having a locket with the pictures of loved ones who could not be there with you pinned to your dress or wrapped in your bouquet is a wonderful way to have them with you in spirit. One bride I know had a few small objects representing family members sewn into the skirt of her dress.

One beautiful couple put up framed picture of their adventures from the time they had met. Not one or two, but like 30! It was really fun getting to know them more through their pictures and it made the venue super homey to have all the frames sitting around. Very personal!

You may need to think on this awhile to find what is personal for the two of you, but it will make your wedding stand out and last in the minds of your guests.


2. Take time to connect with your fiancé.

Plan to be present! This is your fairy tale day. Don’t miss it!!! Be present. Take a deep breath and take it all in. When it’s all said and done, eaten and danced and spun out, you will have your memories, be present & make great ones. I can’t say it enough, it goes by really fast, so be present!

A first look is kinda nice;) You have your own little private moment before it all starts! And, if you really don’t want to look, you don’t have to look! One couple chose to hold hands and read a prayer together, but not actually look at each other. They were separated by the corner of the garden building.  Super sweet! And they preserved the walking down the aisle surprise!

That said, I have an add-on here…

3. Hire a wedding planner!

Delegate and let it go! Tie up all the loose end at least a week before so you can be free on your day. Plan ahead for freedom, use a planner. They can allow you the ability to be present. You do not want all your vendors coming to you asking questions on your wedding day, not even your wedding week! Do it. You’ll be thankful you did.

Dang! I have one more….

4. Get gorgeous natural light photos!

Glow! Sparkle! Illuminate! Yes!!!  Check that sunset time and plan accordingly! Light is everything! Call your photographer and discuss it with them. This is important to ensure you get the look you want! Your photos are the one thing that will last forever, aside from your love,  so this really should be number one on the list!

I hope you get a tiny tidbit here that is helpful to you as you plan your new adventure together!

Happy Planning and

Stay Enchanted,




Santa Monica Pier Engagement : Val & Chris

Ingrid and I went to acting class in NYC together. She recently contacted me about her brother getting married to his love Valerie. Chris, Ingrid’s brother, and Val, his fiancé would be flying in a few days before their wedding, which would take place in her backyard in Beverly Hills, and they needed an engagement session too! So we shot this engagement session and the very next day they became husband and wife 🙂 (That post is next);)!

Val knew exactly what she wanted for her engagement photos. This gorgeous, fuchsia colored dress, flowing in the breeze, on the beach. We met up at the carousel and walked down to the sea. It was cloudy and breezy and perfect.

Oh, and p.s. they’re really good at canoodling! The love!


Los Angeles Arboretum & Botanic Gardens Wedding : Morgan & Bryce Devenport

Here is a love scene for you!

Morgan is a natural beauty with long blonde hair and large ocean blue eyes. Sweet and cautious, yet adventurous. She has just moved to LA this week from upstate NY and is staying with her grandmother. She knows no one here. All her friends and all other family members are back east.

Bryce is a born and bred Californian. A veteran employee at In ‘n Out,  he is at level 5 out of 7 in ranking. He clearly knows what he wants and goes after it!


Morgan drives up to In-N-Out Burger for the first time in her life. Window up, air conditioning on. Bryce approaches her car window to take her order.

BRYCE:       “Welcome to In ‘n ‘Out Burger. What can I get for you?”

Morgan is startled. Wondering why this guy is coming up to her window, she rolls it down to hear what he is saying.

BRYCE :      “Hi! What can I get for you?”

MORGAN :        “Oh! I didn’t know you were gonna take my order! I’ll have the number        one please. Thank you!”

BRYCE :       “You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”

And she does. She may actually have the most beautiful eyes in existence.

Bryce moves on the the next vehicle, but quickly returns to Morgan.

BRYCE:       “ I don’t have my phone on me, company policy, but would you take my number and call me at 5 when I get off from work?”

Morgan did call at 5 and Bryce took her out with his friends. The rest, as they say, “It’s a wrap!”

(Ok, so most of that is a true story! Except for the exact words they said, cuz, well, I wasn’t there! :):) )

Seven years & many adventures later, they officially tied the knot at the LA Arboretum where they frequently walk together taking in all the beauty.

Morgan and Bryce love animals and nature and it was clear that animals love them too when wild peacocks graced their reception so perfectly placed that guest wondered if they were hired. They were not hired! They were just attracted to the love 🙂

Morgan was completely stunning, like a real life princess and Bryce was smiling from ear to ear. Surrounded by all their loved ones this was clearly the most magical day of their lives and one of the most beautiful weddings..