Los Angeles Arboretum & Botanic Gardens Wedding : Morgan & Bryce Devenport

Here is a love scene for you!

Morgan is a natural beauty with long blonde hair and large ocean blue eyes. Sweet and cautious, yet adventurous. She has just moved to LA this week from upstate NY and is staying with her grandmother. She knows no one here. All her friends and all other family members are back east.

Bryce is a born and bred Californian. A veteran employee at In ‘n Out,  he is at level 5 out of 7 in ranking. He clearly knows what he wants and goes after it!


Morgan drives up to In-N-Out Burger for the first time in her life. Window up, air conditioning on. Bryce approaches her car window to take her order.

BRYCE:       “Welcome to In ‘n ‘Out Burger. What can I get for you?”

Morgan is startled. Wondering why this guy is coming up to her window, she rolls it down to hear what he is saying.

BRYCE :      “Hi! What can I get for you?”

MORGAN :        “Oh! I didn’t know you were gonna take my order! I’ll have the number        one please. Thank you!”

BRYCE :       “You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”

And she does. She may actually have the most beautiful eyes in existence.

Bryce moves on the the next vehicle, but quickly returns to Morgan.

BRYCE:       “ I don’t have my phone on me, company policy, but would you take my number and call me at 5 when I get off from work?”

Morgan did call at 5 and Bryce took her out with his friends. The rest, as they say, “It’s a wrap!”

(Ok, so most of that is a true story! Except for the exact words they said, cuz, well, I wasn’t there! :):) )

Seven years & many adventures later, they officially tied the knot at the LA Arboretum where they frequently walk together taking in all the beauty.

Morgan and Bryce love animals and nature and it was clear that animals love them too when wild peacocks graced their reception so perfectly placed that guest wondered if they were hired. They were not hired! They were just attracted to the love 🙂

Morgan was completely stunning, like a real life princess and Bryce was smiling from ear to ear. Surrounded by all their loved ones this was clearly the most magical day of their lives and one of the most beautiful weddings..



Kristin Anderson : About Me


Thank you for stopping by! I want to take a moment to tell you a little more about me and my photography work.

I Love Doing

I come from a family of people who can not sit still. We get antsy fast. We need to be doing, learning, discovering & growing. One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Pablo Picasso which explains it perfectly.

“Inspiration exists, but it must find you working.” ~ Pablo Picasso

Whenever I get stuck, I just keep going, keep doing, keep working. There is always light at the end of the tunnel!

Where I Began

Once upon a time…. I started in the image making business on the other side of the camera, as a model and actress. I did much better as a commercial actress than a model and I have a few nationals under my belt and I am SAG;). So I began doing makeup for other actresses and models on the side and then started working in the fashion world. During this time I also became a manicurist. There were so few free-lance manicurists at that time that I quickly rose to the top in that arena, working for every top magazine you can think of, on exotic locations around the world. That was years ago.

It was around that time that I began shooting models for my own make up portfolio. I did the hair, make up, manicure, styling… and then I shot it too! That was in the early 90’s in New York. I had a Nikon F3 35mm film camera with a 5mm 1.2 lens.  I still use it sometimes for my boy Pierce:).


Pierce at Lake Balboa Park CA 2016. ~ Nikon F3, 50mm 1.2  Kodak Portra 400

Doing hours of make up for fashion photographers, never got me a great beauty shot. That inspired me to take my own beauty shots! Real tight shots of eyes and faces. The first think I learned when I shot for myself for the first time, was that I wanted the make up very clean and natural. I was doing all this crazy make up for the other photographers but I wanted clean, real, natural make up which as it turns out is the most difficult. Skin perfection! That’s really all I want! Even now.

Investing in Me

I came to photography with a wonderfully innate sense of posing, having been a model and actress. Even so, I have taken plenty of posing classes at this point in my career. Actually, I continually take classes each and every year to learn more about every aspect of photography, art, retouching, video production and more. I continually invest time and money in my craft.  I love learning!

I have learned and worked on so many kinds of productions. From products and image stacking jewelry, to nature macro fine art, to pixel by pixel beauty retouching to head swapping and body shaping, color rotation, fashion, kids, lifestyle, stock photography, to births, weddings, families, and even a funeral! Whew! I have learned to do it all.

I have found a favorite. Lifestyle. Be it a wedding or portrait or catalog in a studio. I love photographing people looking happy.

My Equipment

Cannon. I shoot with a beautiful new Canon Mark IV body. I also use a variety of monthly subscription software programs. Here is a list which may be easier to digest!

  • Canon MarkIV body
  • Canon Mark II  bodies x2
  • Canon 600 EX-RT Speed lights  x2
  • Canon L series 50mm 1.2
  • Canon L series 70-200mm 2.8
  • Canon L series 16-35mm 2.8
  • Cannon L series 100mm macro 2.8
  • Sandisk cards
  • Photoshop CC
  • Lightroom CC
  • In Design CC
  • Wacom Tablet
  • Alien Bees lights
  • Photek Softlighters
  • Impact Studio light modifiers
  • Mathews c-stands, apple boxes, light stands
  • Manfroto tripods
  • Animoto video software
  • iMovie video software
  • Fundy Designer
  • PhotoFolio website
  • Instaproof gallery
  • Blogstomp
  • WordPress blog
  • Two Bright Lights

I’m sure there is more that I am not thinking of off the top of my head. When I think of it, I’ll let you know!

Bringing it home!

I meet you with all these years of knowledge and experience & I sincerely hope our paths do cross one day and we can make memories …. together.

Stay Enchanted,


Maui HI Family Reunion : The Monson Family

From the day I met Jo, back in Redondo Beach, we just hit it off. We were neighbors at a special time when a few of us mom’s gathered on the daily to play with our little ones at each others homes. It was heaven. Six am knocks at the door to come play and make salt dough. And of course, our now famous (among us) Butterfly Bon Voyage Party, where we all colored a big butterfly on the wall and took turns having our photo taken there. And of course there was glitter;)

For a little while, we were all family.  A family of friends. It really was a magical time. With all of our young children at that magical stage of pure discovery. Slowly life changes and we all one by one moved away and moved on. But we still keep in touch.

So, I was so thrilled when Jo called for me to photograph their family again. This time on a far larger scale. They had a new addition to the family, little Mallory. A destination family reunion with a 50th anniversary thrown in for good measure!

Jo, you have a truly warm and welcoming family. Thank you for making us a part of the adventure!



Backyard Family Session, Los Angeles : The Ainsworth Family

Sarah found me on the ES Parents network page. Generations of her family were together and she wanted to document it. Deciding that home was the place to be and that Kristin Anderson Photography’s lifestyle/photojournalistic style would be a good fit with her vision, she booked a session.
When my assistant and I arrived to Sarah’s home, I was greeted with a hug and a round of hellos. A quick glance around the house gave me clues that Sarah loves photos, loves to print them and loves to hang them.
I feel very blessed to have been a part of their lives, for just a few hours. I know these images will bring happy memories for ages to come.

Thank you Sarah Ainsworth, you have a beautiful family!

Stay Enchanted,

Walt Disney Concert Hall Engagement : Claire & Robin

Kristin Anderson Photography’s engagement shoot with Claire Brenner & Robin Mahan from Kristin Anderson on Vimeo.

Happy Anniversary Karla & Diego!

Their Anniversary is on Sunday, but in my opinion a 3 day celebration is always in order!

Turn on your favorite music, and have a look at this 🙂



St. Petersburg Beach Florida : Zory & Tylie

A perfect sunset in St. Pete’s beach Florida. The white powdery sand is filled with shells. Zory & Tylie came for a short shoot and missed baby Cambrie the whole time. But we still had amazing fun and got these beautiful pictures!

Thank you Zory & Tylie! you are both so very beautiful!

Stay Enchanted,


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Los Angeles Backyard Ranch Wedding : Gabby & Anthony

From the golf course to the ranch, Gabby and Anthony had their family’s support from all directions! I loved rolling into the ranch with its gold paper sign, dust swirling. So romantic. Gabby sang with the mariachi band and she was AMAZING! Then her dad played with HIS band and they had everyone out of their seats, singing and bouncing and screaming to the beats! I went back home  around midnight, but I heard the party was hopping till 4 am! Now THAT’s a celebration!

Thank you to Gabby & Anthony & the FOB’s most excellent band! Thank you to  Rolanda Hardy of Vision into Reality Events for introducing me to these fun people!


kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1001 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1002 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1003 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1004 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1005 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1006 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1007 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1008 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1009 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1010 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1011 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1012 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1013 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1014 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1015 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1016 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1017 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1018 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1019 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1020 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1021 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1022 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1023 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1024 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1025 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1026 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1027 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1028 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1029 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1030 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1031 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1032 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1033 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1034 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1035 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1036 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1037 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1038 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1039 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1040 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1041 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1042 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1043 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1044 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1045 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1046 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1047 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1048 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1049 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1050 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1051 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1052 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1053 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1054 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1055 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1056 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1057 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1058 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1059 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1060 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1061 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1062 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1063 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1064 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1065 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1066 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1067 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1068 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1069 kristin_anderson_photography_gabby_anthony_wedding_-1070


I Am FedEx Portraits

I had an huge amount of fun photographing these amazing people and hearing their unique stories. Each one so proud to be a part of FedEx. At the end of the day I was wishing I worked for FedEx!



LA Arboretum Engagement : Morgan & Bryce

Morgan & Bryce chose the LA Arboretum for their engagement session and our timing was perfect with peacock season! Truly I count ask for a better location, or better photo bombers! The peacocks were loud & oh so beautiful! Half the time we were shooting and half the time we were looking on in wonder as these beautiful birds strut their stuff. Morgan was gorgeous, the peacocks were gorgeous, Bryce was one happy guy and I had one of those perfect photo days!  Amen! And so it is!