Marshall Shakro | Manhattan Beach Shoot

Marshall came to me from my home state, CT. I met his aunt Jeana on a plane to Florida headed to see my parents. We chatted the whole time. Since then her nephew Marshal has come to LA get into the biz.

I think Marshall has a very amazing look. I mean, come on! As we were shooting he was reminding me of a slew of different actors, from Tom Cruise to Ben Stiller to Bradley Cooper. Marshall has the look that says you know him, and yet he is totally unique. That’s a very good combo in this town!

If you want to book Marshall for your next amazing project, I happen to know he would make a great warrior, you can reach him here.

Here is his Insta @marzann_



Tom Ham’s Lighthouse, San Diego Wedding | Sohee & Paul Bulka

When I showed up on at the venue to photograph Paul’s wedding to Sohee, who I had never met, and saw a photo displayed of them on a Flyboard TOGETHER, I thought, Wow!  Sohee must be AMAZING! It looked so dangerous! My first thought was that he had found his partner in adventure. I mean, they were on one Flyboard, face to face, way up in the air!!! Continue reading